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  • Our default shipping is via airmail. Depending on the destination region, we may use one of the following methods: 1. Registered airmail postal parcel, or 2. EMS.

  • Rates may differ according to the destination region and weight of the item.

  • Antique swords can only be shipped with EMS.

  • In some cases, due to limited shipping options to certain regions, we may offer to ship via Sea & Land (SAL). 


  • We may accept returns of items if; 1. There is no damage to the item, 2. The item is sealed in its original package, 3. There is a clear and obvious discrepancy between the photos and description of the item, and the item received, and 4. We have mistakenly shipped the wrong item.

  • Antique swords cannot be returned under any circumstance. It is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm the specifications and condition of the item prior to purchasing. 

  • The buyers must confirm with their local state laws all matters concerning the importation of antiques in general, and antique swords in particular. Bugeido will not be responsible for such confirming matters.

  • The only exception to the above return policy of antique swords is when the buyer cancels the purchase within 72 hours after the purchase. Once we file an application for an export license for the purchased item, we will not cancel the purchase. A request for cancelation should be made via e-mail, with the word "Cancellation" in the subject header of the e-mail.

  • In case of a return, the buyer will pay for air mail shipping of the item back to Bugeido, and after we confirm the condition of the item, the buyer will receive a full refund.

  • In case of disagreement, we will attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution with the buyer in good faith.

  • We do not have an exchange policy. The buyer must confirm his purchase (i.e., size, style, condition, etc.) of the item prior to payment.

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