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Hanging Scroll: Minamoto no Yoshiie
  • Hanging Scroll: Minamoto no Yoshiie

     Hanging scroll, hand painted reproduction on silk, with inscribed signature by Dōshun. Painter's details are unknown. We can not authenticate or appraise this work, nor provide a guarantee of authenticity. Please look carefully at the photos before you purchase. 

    Since we cannot authenticate the work, we adjust the price to that of reproduction in its current condition. It provides a beautiful decoration for its subject matter and its old condition.

    Total size: 598mm x 1975mm

    Painted size: 420mm x 1111mm


    About the subject:

    A somber depiction of the brave samurai Minamoto no Yoshiie (1039-1106), the eldest son of Minamoto no Yoriyoshi. Yoshiie was a legendary warrior of the Kawachi Minamoto clan, who led the Minamoto to great victories in wars.  His nickname was Hachiman Tarō--the eldest son of the war god Hachiman, the clan god (ujigami) of the Minamoto.

      JCT Included